Duping Texts in Skyrim for Fun and Profit

October 11th, 2014

So I’d been playing the PC title Skyrim for a while and I soon began to notice that you could interact with every storekeeper’s records. However, while you, as the player, are given some hint as to being able to interact with the books, you can’t just do so willy-nilly. Eventually I discovered that such things become available to your character after you gain membership into the Thieves’ Guild of Riften.

After slogging through the “Ratways” of Riften and passing your initiation quest, you can begin acting as an agent of skullduggery and backstabbing. Getting back to my story, one of the quests to gain promotion within the guild involves manipulating a few stores’ records. By going to certain businesses and analyzing their records, you would then duplicate books, slip the altered copies in their place, and finish by bringing the legitimate copies back for the guild.

A Horrible Prank

September 20th, 2014

This past weekend I went to the grocery store to pick up food and items for the house. I always leave a list on the fridge so my husband and kids can write down what they want/need when I go. When I stared at the list in the store I noticed that incontinence pads was written in small letters at the bottom of the list. Instantly my heart dropped and I realized how hard it must of been for my husband to put this on here. The rest of the shopping trip I had a heavy heart and wanted to rush to get back home. When I did return home I handed them to my husband and hugged him quickly. He gave me an odd stare and asked why I felt the need to give these to him. Apparently our children had writen them down on a list as a practical joke. Needless to say it was not funny.

Caught In The Act

June 26th, 2014

Work has been getting stranger everyday for the past two weeks; I keep getting these strange letters on the company letterhead. This one said Watch Your Back!!!!! I was not scared,but I knew it was time to take action, and I went to human resources to make a complaint. The first thing I was show then all the letterheads and they put someone on my case. Things died down for a few weeks then it I received another message; SNITCH in all caps. I took this letter to HR as well. However, the culprit was caught red last Tuesday. I pretended to go out to lunch (I always get these letter after lunch) and we caught her when I came back five minutes later at my desk. Malinda Jane, a account manager wrote the letters to scare me away because I took her promotion. She got fired, and the company put new polices in place about bullying.

Become a Raving Customer!

May 17th, 2014

This is a very special furniture store, and it is living walls. This is a showroom, that is filled with some unique pieces. The style always changes, and that is what has you coming back again. You will appreciate our store, because our selection is the greatest. You get free, and friendly service, and it will spoil you. We offer a look that says we are expensive, but you know that we are not. In all categories, we have a brood range of pricing. We will guide you to a particular item, and if is the style that you want, we will give you the price that you need. We have satisfied customers, and will need to speak to one of them. When you become a customer to us, we will make sure that your experience, is a good one. We are happy to order anything that you need, but we keep many items in stock.

Raised the Right Way

May 6th, 2014

The thought of having to use incontinence products when I am olderis completely horrible to think about. I watch my mother and father slowly slide downwards with their health and it kills me to think my children will be doing this for me within the next 15 years. As much as it hurts my parents to grow through it all, it also is horribly painful for me to watch. I never want my kids to have to experience that type of pain. Although we all experience sad losses and experiences in our lifetime, I just pray and hope everyday that my kids will find it in them to be strong through out every difficult situation. I know I have raised them appropriatly but I know everyone handles things differently, no matter how their parents raised them. So until something happens I will have faith that things will come easy for them.

Vanity Reigns

March 28th, 2014

I recently gave in to my husband’s begs and pleas and went to the audiologist. I knew I was losing my hearing in one ear, and it scared me a little bit. The audiologist confirmed what I suspected and told me how hearing aids Nantwich could me. However, I only needed one for my right ear because the left ear was fine. This made me nervous because I thought I would look weird with just one instead of two like most people. The audiologist told me that the device was small, and no one would even notice it. I did not believe him.

I drove straight from the doctor’s office to my hair stylist’s salon. I asked for a new hairstyle that would cover both of my ears completely. I wasn’t taking any chances that someone would notice the device in my right ear. She complied, and I walked out looking and feeing great!

How I Lost the Award for World’s Best Maid of Honor

February 24th, 2014

Last weekend was my friend’s long-awaited wedding. She was Bridezilla; everything had to be big, it had to be perfect. As Maid of Honor, it was my job to ensure it was just that.

My gift was a customized display of wedding fireworks, the kind that explode as hearts and rings. Unfortunately, I hadn’t considered my Millie’s reaction to the explosions, an apocalyptic experience even for a Doberman like her. Millie pushed through the crowd and, as large dogs often do, miscalculated her size, hurling the bride into a table with shining candles. It seems her dress, for all it had cost, was highly flammable. The groom threw her, arms flailing, dress ablaze, into the pool.

Unsurprisingly, the reception ended early and the wedding night was spent in the hospital. Worst of all, no one saw my fireworks finale: “May the fire of your passion never cease.”

The Day I Became a Clown!

January 22nd, 2014

As a kid, I loved the circus, especially when the clown circus workshops. Unlike a lot of kids, I wasn’t afraid of clowns: I thought they were hilarious. Call me old fashioned, but I wanted to be one.

One year, my parents let me enroll in the clown workshop. The friendly lead clown, named Boffo, helped me pick out a funny outfit, applied makeup on my face, picked out a wig for me to wear, and gave me a red clown nose. I, however, picked the name: Laugho!

They gave me a quick rundown on basic clown humor styles, and soon I was clowning down! My parents laughed at my antics, and Boffo smiled in approval. I even got some of the passing kids to laugh, and start begging their parents to let them be a clown.

Although I never clowned again, I still think back fondly on that day.